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What are Marketing Automation Systems and what is the Best Marketing Software?

Marketing automation consists of systems designed to process repetitive tasks – such as email marketing, social media marketing and specific actions, that – thanks to technology – can be automated.

This marketing automation software comparison shall reveal which marketing funnel tools, CRM and email marketing software is suited best for the users needs and requirements.

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What is a marketing sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a marketing system. It is a path and a filtering process the marketer wants his target audience to enter and take starting at the awareness stage, which is the marketing part of the funnel, transitioning into a sales funnel once the prospects are qualified and have taken some kind of action, an opt-in for example, completing to walk through the sales funnel stages in their experience becoming a customer or even a repeat buyer.

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What is the best automation software?

The roots of marketing automation can be found in email marketing. It is software that allows the marketer to automate repetitive tasks, exclude human error, manage complexity and measure and optimize all marketing actions. It boils down to benefiting from the leverage technology and big data provide when it comes to A/B split-testing, campaign optimization, follow-up messaging via auto-responder, behavioral targeting and much more.

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What are the types of customer relationship management systems and what is their importance in today's marketing?

There are three types of customer relationship management systems: Operational CRMs, collaborative CRM and Analytical CRMs. Operational CRM is an important system for the process of lead generation because it takes historic customer data into account such as previous behavior and reactions to marketing campaigns and purchases and service satisfaction. CRM systems also aim to automate workflow and processes for the sake of creating an even better user experience for seller and buyer.

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