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What are Marketing Automation Systems and what is the Best Marketing Software?

Marketing automation consists of systems designed to process repetitive tasks – such as email marketing, social media marketing and specific actions, that – thanks to technology – can be automated.

This marketing automation software comparison shall reveal which marketing funnel tools, CRM and email marketing software is suited best for the users needs and requirements.

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How does CRM help marketing?

Having a customer relationship management system in place can enhance the marketing to sales alignment of a business. A CRM lets marketers analyze and manage customer interactions throughout the cycle to improve relationships, nurture and convert leads and sales and support customer retention.

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What is a marketing sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a marketing system. It is a path and a filtering process the marketer wants his target audience to enter and take starting at the awareness stage, which is the marketing part of the funnel, transitioning into a sales funnel once the prospects are qualified and have taken some kind of action, an opt-in for example, completing to walk through the sales funnel stages in their experience becoming a customer or even a repeat buyer.

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What is top of funnel?

When marketers mention the top, middle, and bottom of a marketing- or sales-funnel, they are referencing the concept by which the business pulls a large number of people from its target audience into the first (top) stage of the funnel, which can be a website or an optin-form or database for example, and then filter them down to those qualified and interested in buying and becoming a customer.

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